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Summer is coming up! And.....

by rsato | 5/3/2012 7:41:00 AM

Spring semester is almost done, and I am feeling so happy and nervous.

I am taking three cources, which are Chemistry, Statisitcics, and English.

In Chemistry class, there are four tests besides the final.

I have one more regular test and the final.

In English class, I have fineshed the biggest project in the course, and I have one presentation to do.

For the presentation, I can choose any topic and how to present it, which is very interesting.

My English professor said, " One student made a drama working with another students, and another student created a game that other students can play on the computer." 

Becasue professor said, "Do something interesting!", I have to think of a very unique idea. 

In Statsistics, I have nothing to say, and I just have take the final.

This semester seems fine.

 However! I have a lot of things to do in the semesters left before transferring.

I did not go to a counselor for a while, and finally, I went conselling.

What I found is that I have to take many classes in Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.

Fall 2012 Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and History! 19 units!

Spring 2013 Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Communication, History! 18 untis!

The reason why I have take such a lot of classes is that I did not talk with the counselor very much!!!

So, this is why I am feeling so nervous...

Please see a counselor so that you do not get in a trouble, and manage your self carefully! 


by rsato | 4/19/2012 8:13:00 AM

MiraCosta College has a lot of resources to help students.

Writing Center is the one of the useful help students can get. Almost every international student has to start with English as a Second Language classes, which is called ESL.   There are several types of classes. Speaking, Writing, Reading, Grammer   Writing is the one of the most important skill to succeed in studying,

You will surely need help for writing when you take the ESL class. My friend also need help with a writing assignment from a history class and a communications class.  This is the time to go to the Writing Center. You can make an appointment either at the library and online. If you go to the library, you can go to the Writing Center section and there is a computer to make an appointment. There is someone to help you to do so.

If you want to make an appointment online, you should go to the MiraCosta College website, and you can look up "Writing Center" . Then, you will find the page for Writing Center, and there is "Make or Cancel Appointment". When you make an appointment, you will choose writing feedback or grammar.

For the writing feedback, you can get what you can do to improve your ideas or clarity of your writing. For the grammar, you will get an advice from a tutor to correct the grammatical error in your essay.

You shoud make an appointment for grammar after you get the feedback from your tutor. You can learn many things to make your writing better at Writing Center. Please visit Writing Center!! 

MiraCosta College Cafeteria

by rsato | 4/12/2012 9:53:00 AM

Today, I am introducing the MiraCosta College Cafeteria!

 From the cafeteria, we can see the ocean, and beautiful sunset when it is clear.

Many students are hanging out in there. Some are just chatting, and others are doing their homework before going to classes.

Although the food sold there is a little bit expensive, it is very convinient for students when they don't have ehough time before the class.

 Sometimes, they offer resonable priced food.

This time they offered huge hot dogs ever!

With 16oz. drink, it was only $5.45!!! I didn't have to pay though.

It is good to spend time at cafeteria with friends.



by rsato | 3/30/2012 8:02:00 AM









 試しに、Oceanside Library and Information Habを探して、クリックしてみてください。








Japanese food!

by rsato | 2/23/2012 8:29:00 AM

I often go to eat lunch at TeriCafe by the Plaza Drive.

Especially if you are international students from Japan, you will miss Japanese food.

That is why I have lunch at TeriCafe. They offer a lot of kinds of Japanese food, such as Yakisoba, Udon, Sushi, etc.

I usually order a grilled salmon plate, which include grilled salmon, green salad, potato salad, miso soup, and steamed white rice.

If you want extra rice, you can get it instead of potato salad or anything else.

I always get extra rice!

Grilled Salon with no potato salad and extra rice! My Favorite! 

Sometimes, I get beef fried rice.

There is good news.

If you feel it is not enough to get full, you can order it with extra small or large rice to make the fried rice bigger, and it is much cheaper that you order two beef fried rice. You should say, "Can I get extra rice inside of fried rice?"

There is an extra charge though. 

Similarly, when you order noodle, you can get it with extra noodle.

What I reccomed to you if you are hungry at dinner time is dinner special.

You can eat chicken teriyaki and california rolls if you order it.

Mitsuwa... That is where you can get Japanes food and snacks.

If have a car and live by yourself, you should go there.

Although it is more expensive than in Japan, it is worth buying them when you really miss Japanese staff. 

American seem to like Japanese snacks.

When I brought Japanese snacks, such as, pocky,koara no march to host family's Christmas party, all of my host family kept eating them, and almost everything went out quickly.

Therefore, you can use Japanese food to make your American friends happy.

Even if you are in the United States, you can eat Japanese food a lot when you really want to eat them.



Starting out the Spring Semester!

by rsato | 2/16/2012 8:22:00 AM

This is my 3rd semester at MiraCosta.  In this semester, I am taking Chemistry 210, English 201, and Math 103. I would like to introduce these classes.

Chemistry 210

This class is the first semster of organic chemistry. You have about 1 hour of lecture and about 3 hours of laboratory in this class. If you want to take this class, at least, you have to pass Chemistry110, which is the first semster of general chemistry.  In general chemisty, you have to do a lot of calculations during the lecture and in the experiment, so it is hard for students who are not good at calculating. On the other hand, in the organic chemistry, you have to learn a lot of concepts rather than how to calculate.  In my opinion, organic chemistry is not as hard as general chemistry because as long as you understand the concepts, you will do fine.

English 201

In this class, you will learn how to do analysis of literature and critical thinking. If you want to take this class, you have to pass English 100. This class is much harder than English 100. For me, this class is the hardest class in this semester. Now, I am writing the literary analysis and imitation of literature. In literary analysis, you have to analyze author's idea hidden in the text, so you have to read and understand the text very well.  In imitation, you have to imitate the strategies the author uses in the text, such as metaphor, and you have to imply your argument in your imitation.  Overall, this class is very hard for especially for international students.

Math 103

In this class, you will learn statistics, which is how to summarize and organize data. Moreover, you will draw graphs to organize the data, and you will do calculations using formula. Arithmetic manipulation in this class is very simple like the calculation in Algebra.  As long as you can do the Algebra, you should be fine is this class.  However, because you have to deal with a lot of values, you should be be careful with honest mistakes. 

I hope this introduction is helpful for readers.  I will do my best in through this semster! 

Everyone Can get a Scholarship!

by rsato | 2/2/2012 9:02:00 AM

There are opportunities for every MiraCosta student to get scholarships!  When I got a scholarship last year, I found a flyer telling about scholarship application procedures.  I knew I had the GPA requirement (must have at least a 2.0 grade point average) and I was planning to continue at MiraCosta for fall 2011.   

There are 7 steps I took to receive a scholorship.

1, I wrote a personal statement, which was 1 page long and double spaced.

I wrote my education and career goals, how I was doing in classes, and I had a topic as to why I wanted a scholarship because my family was affected by the earthquate and tsunami in Japan. 

2, I printed the online application form and completed the form with very good handwriting.

3, I submitted my personal statement and the application form to Scholrship Office.

4, I got a letter notifying me that I was awarded for the scholarship from Scholorship Office.

5, I  took the letter to attend the Miracosta College Scholarship Awards Celebration held at theatre at MiraCosta College and received another letter that told me where to get the money.   

6, I wrote a thank you letter to a donor who endowed my scholorship.  The Scholarship Office gave me a sample letter on what to write.

8, I went to the Student Casher's office and handed in a thank you letter and unoffical transcript to prove that I was enrolled in 12 units for the fall  semester.  I finally got a check of scholarship.

These are what I did to receive a scholarship.

As you can see, it is not hard to follow these steps, so you should apply the scholarship.

Let's apply now! 

How I Study

by rsato | 12/5/2011 6:41:00 AM

Every student has their own study style, and unsurprisingly I have my studying style.

For each subject, I use a different way of studying, so I would like to introduce how I study in Math class.

 This semester I am taking Math 260, which is the third semester of Calculus. Since this is the third math class, I got used to doing math and found efficient way to study.

1, during the class, take notes.

2, do the homework of unit that was done in class as soon as possible.

3, repeat steps 1 and 2.

4, "find the home work problems related to the professor's lecture." 

5, study the problems you found in step 4 because those kinds of questions tend to be on the mini-tests.

6, for the final, make sure to review what you did on the mid-term tests.

Those steps seem to be simple and easy to do;nevertheless, most students fail to take these steps.  If you can follow these steps, I think it is not too hard to get an A.

In some classes, there are some mid-term exams, and one of the tests and be dropped. In other words, you can mess up only one test. Because of that, some students think that they do not need to study for the test that they are going to drop. However, as long as the final test is cumlative, you have to study for the test you dropped in the end since the final includes the materials on the test you dropped.

Moreover, if you do not well on the other test, you cannot drop it. Therefore, it is the best to do the best for all tests, and if you do so, you should be able to prepare for the final exam easily.

 Make a Plan for study wisely!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and my weekend!

by rsato | 11/28/2011 6:34:00 AM

Last Thursday, I joined to the party my host family held. It was really fun.  There were about 30 people, and had dinner together.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, salad and etc. I had were really good. After that, we played football until the sun went down, and then my friend and I sneaked out from the party. Since it was Thanksgiving, most of shops were closed, but we found a cafe and spent several hours.

On the way for home, I saw a lot of people standing on the line in front of Walmart because of Black Friday.  Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving, is the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States.  Then, I went to home and fell asleep.  On Friday, I woke up with sore muscle from playing football. Although it was Black Friday, I did not go shopping, and I just did my homework at Starbucks instead.

Thesedays, I always stay at Starbucks, and I do my homework with my friend.  I have never had a habit to study, but, thanks to Starbucks, I got used to studying. Therefore, it is important for students to find a place where you can study.

Some people like to study at home, and other people like to study in the library. In my case, my place to study is Starbucks. I don't know exactly the reason why I can study more at Starbucks than at home , but I think staying at Starbucks can stay away me from sleeping, and that is why I can study efficently at Starbucks. As always,  I worked on my homework at Starbucks, and I went to my friend's place to watch a movie on weekend.




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