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How I Got Involved in Clubs and Other Activities on Campus

by nattamon | 4/8/2013 10:29:00 AM

Student Clubs

All Mira Costa College students are members of the Associated Student Government, which supports the projects and programs of many clubs catering to students with interests ranging from Business to Community Service. You can join — or lead — any of these organizations. Clubs meet the social and intellectual interests of students at Mira Costa College.

MiraCosta College - Student Clubs - Oceanside

MiraCosta College - The Inter-Club Council

          As a student in Mira Costa College, I recognized several wishes that may improve my education and make my schooling easier and more fun.

          As a Computer Programming student, I wished that students who take same computer classes get together and communicate to help each other. I thought they can practice creating programs and games to exchange knowledge, keep in touch, and help get jobs. So, I assisted to start a Computer Club for that propose and I became The Computer Club Advisor.

          As an international student, I hoped that someone could introduce me to the other international students since we share similar experience.  I hoped someone help orient with the new environment, language, culture, and country. I needed a way to contact other universities to get information and tours about enrolment and transfer. So, I applied to become a Peer Leader and I helped create the International Club. Now I can help provide these services to the international as the Vice President of the International Club.



          Since most students and I like sports and wish to have the opportunity to play our favorite games, it was a great idea to get students who like the same sport together. This way we can organize and plan sports events to play for fun and exercise. We created the Intramural Sport Club to help students who like sports to find others of same interest and practice.

          I am able to provide similar and other services by representing college students as a Senator of the Student Government and an Intercultural Ambassador for the San Diego State University. I also help students all over the world who are interested in getting information about Mira Costa College online through my Blogger job on campus.

          One of the great advantages of being a student in Mira Costa College is the ability to create a club for you favorite activities. When a club with enough number of students is created, Mira Costa Collage helps provide budget to spend on club activities.


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