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TIME Schedule

by andrii | 12/5/2012 6:52:00 AM

                 Time Management


A lot of students experience problem in their time schedule. It is so challenging to combine your education with work (if you have one) or home chores, and leave some time just for yourself.  However, the right time allocation can help you to do it.



        -       Disconnect yourself from distractions like YouTube, Facebook… until weekends.


        -       Turn off your phone and stop constantly checking for email when you study.


        -       Go to places like library where you can focus on what you are doing  

        -       Don’t expect to do everything at one day;  break down your work so that you are able to do it without depriving yourself from slumber

        -    Before going to sleep spend few minutes to write a plan for the next whole day. In the end of your day look what actually you have managed to complete. 

        -       Write down your goals for the future 

        -       Include some time for relaxation and unpredictable circumstances. 


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