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My housing experience

by andrii | 3/8/2013 6:57:00 AM

                                                                                    My housing experience


I live in very peaceful and quiet neighborhood. It allocates less than 5 minutes (by car) from MiraCosta or 20 minutes walking. I found this house in MiraCosta’s website for housing. I was very lucky because usually houses with a close distance to the college are scarce. In addition, you need to call at least few weeks before moving in. After I checked my room I decided that it is going to be the great house for me. I signed a contract and paid deposit. (Note: read your contract very carefully because some landlords have very peculiar rules.).

(my neighborhood)


  (Right next to my house; Great place to relax)


(My house)

I was very exited to move in as soon as possible, especially when my landlord had told me that I will have 2 female roommates. We easily pal up both with my roommates and landlord. My landlord is a very nice, friendly woman. Even though she is 60 something years old she appeared to be very funny and helpful. Every week she takes me to the grocery store and sometimes helps me with cooking.  Right now it is hard to recall how many different dishes we made together. For instance, we made about 5 different soups, brownie (from the scratch), variety of milkshakes, few cakes, pudding rice, and so forth.


My landlord Denise and dog Bella


Currently I live with two male roommates – Steven and Trevor.


They are very nice guys. Trevor and I are taking statistics class together. The class starts at 7 a.m. So every morning we usually wake up each other.

For the past 2 years I had three roommates and now two more. A lot of stuff happened, good and bad, funny and sad. So as you understand it is fun to live with someone else, you never get bored.

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