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Applicants’ questions

by andrii | 1/23/2013 10:42:00 AM

                                                    Applicants’ questions:


        1)   How long will it take me to finish the college?


   First of all it depends on your major. For example, if you are majoring in computer technology you may expect studying 2.5 (at least) or more years. Communication- lesser. Second, it depends how diligent you are going to study. Per semester you make take exactly 12 units or all 18. So again, it depends on you and your major. 


        2)   Can I transfer from my university (in my country) to MiraCosta without loosing my previous units? 


  It is fully understandable that after studying in your country you don’t want to start from scratch. Honestly, this kind of question you will ascertain only after applying. MiraCosta may accept your units from your previous university or may not. Again, you need to apply.


        3)   Is it hard enough to study here?  


  At the very beginning (1 semester) you may find it easy. However, when you are going further, and you take, lets say, 5 or more classes you wish to go back in time to your 1 semester. What I am trying to say is the pressure of classes is doable unless you take too many classes. 


        4)   Are there seminars? 


No, lectures mainly and some laboratory classes. 


        5)   Is there homework?


Yes! All professors give you homework assignments.


        6)   Can I work while studying? 


Yes you can. International students are allowed to work inside MiraCosta College without changing visa. If you want to work outside, you have to receive special permission.



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